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Deliverable promises

SOS take every care to accurately work to client needs from the outset and to ensure our promises are met in full.

Hailing from Hirtshals, Denmark, Safe Solutions offer round the clock manpower management

SOS is amongst the largest and most experienced service companies within the offshore, oil & gas, and wind turbine market in Denmark.

Why waste your money on expensive Harbour fees when SOS can provide you the service?

Easy reach to continental Europe by Road, Rail, Ship or Air and can easily service the UK market.

JT-Oiltech Ltd
Tel +44 1224 433093
Mobile +44 7879 583711

Registered Number: SC515609
Registered Address: 48 St Michaels Road, Newtonhill, AB39 3RW

Pipe insulation, corrosion protection, and offshore multi-discipline engineers          +44(0)1224 433093

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Safety First

Danish style working brings benefits to you  through highly educated project professionals backed up with experienced management and a multi-skilled workforce.


Multi-skilled engineers are the hallmark of SOS A/S. Our welders can also climb, rig and through our flexible project management communicate well with the stakeholders to ensure the critical path is adhered to.

Offshore Renewables

Many years of experience are available to support all aspects of Wind Turbine Engineering. ISVs can have additional modules commissioned and there is quayside for hot or cold stacking of vessels.

Our scaffolders and access engineering allows safe working from all angles.